• Four Highlighted Areas
  • Ten Thematic Areas
  • Themed Flower Carpets
  • Special Planning
  • Exhibition Guide Service

    Special Planning

    【Plant Nursery Ecological Area of Houli】

    To promote the plan of planting one million trees over eight years and to present a fresh culture and eco-friendly atmosphere in Taichung, the city will exhibit and introduce its green landscaping, process of afforestation, native plants, and wildlife specimens here. Moreover, there will be special agricultural markets, lectures, film broadcasting, dog and cat adoption events, etc. This area also gives away young plants to Taichung citizens every Wednesday during the 2016 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival. We welcome Taichung citizens to come and take the free plants home. For more information on relevant activities, please visit our official website.

    Flowers and Sustainability

    Flowers and Sustainability - The evolution and sustainable renewal of Huatien Green Park!
    This area exhibits the process of turning a landfill site into a green flower park, as well as displays art pieces created from unwanted furniture and waste materials. This highlights a good example of sustainable renovation. The Tourist Service Center of Huatien Green Park will display the process of renewing and developing a landfill into a beautiful flower field on its first floor. All are welcome to stop by and take a look. Waste can be utilized as a renewable resource to make a difference. Resource recycling and sustainability are no longer cliché but a practice and genuine attitude in our daily life.

    【Taichung - A Flower City with Integrity and Openness】

    Sunflower Baby shows up throughout the venue signified and implied the transparent and open minded governmental agencies over the entire Taichung City government. The installation of sunflowers, symbolizing "integrity and openness," manifests the thematic idea in this area. The event also highlights the values of Taichung City Government: Integrity, Openness, efficiency, and quality.