• Four Highlighted Areas
  • Ten Thematic Areas
  • Themed Flower Carpets
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    Four Highlighted Areas

    Carousel Rhapsody

    In this park replete with fun floral art installations, the giant mechanical Carousel Rhapsody must be the most compelling one! A cute caterpillar and a bright-red ladybug attracted by Carousel Rhapsody would bring us amusement. When the music starts, the carousel will rotate, surrounded by the Happy Animal Circus, Captain Octopus and Thumbelina. Accompanied by music, this will be your most extraordinary new experience in this flower festival.

    The daily mechanical flower show runs from 8:30 to 15:30 and plays every half hour.

    Hide and Seek at flower maze

    This sunflower maze is designed to resemble Houli’s pretty nickname, “Flower Town”. The labyrinth walls are built with recycled wood and decorated with sunflowers. From an aerial view, the maze looks like the palm of a cute Leopard Cat, which will be the mascot of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition. The design produces a lively and creative visual effect. Fostering local participation, we also invited students from local schools at Taichung to co-paint the walls and express their creativity. Bring your friends and family to celebrate the happiness and experience a fun adventure!


    Leopard Cat baby is waking up in the arms of mother nature, peeking out from his green carpet to visit the 2016 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival. Enjoy the event together with Leopard Cat baby and explore this new paradise.

    Christmas Garden

    The festival takes place during Christmas time, offering a chance for visitors to indulge in the joy of the holidays. The floral art installations present Christmas atmosphere using elements such as Christmas trees, gingerbread men, Christmas reindeers, wreaths, snowmen, meteor scenic areas, lollipop forests, happy arch,Christmas party, and so on. Invite your good friends and family to spend a merry Christmas time with us.

    Ten Thematic Areas

    The Smiling Clown

    This entrance is designed to display the outline of a clown face. Through a special "visual dislocation" approach, you can see the entire clown face by standing at specific spots along the path. It is full of visual entertainment. Come and take a photograph with the smiling clown!

    Dancing Butterfly

    An enormous 9-meter-long flower butterfly spreads its beautiful giant wings to welcome your visit. Standing on its path will make you feel like flying with her, riding into the fantasy world. Don’t hesitate to take pictures with the small butterflies around: you will immediately be transformed into a lovely butterfly fairy!


    Standing inside these large, colorful, uniquely-shaped flowers, turn yourself into a Thumbelina and experience the happiness of being embraced by petals. On its side, mechanical flower devices rotate with music like flowers dancing to the waltz.

    Captain Octopus

    Captain Octopus stretches his long tentacles to invite the most courageous person to set sail! He travels everywhere for treasures. He blows bubbles at the mouth to share with you his adventurous stories. Come take photos with the captain’s long tentacles. Let your imagination embark you on the most adventurous journey of your life!

    Miracle of Imagination

    You have not yet seen any flower festival like this one before! An elephant slide is one of the most lovable amusement amenities in our childhood: this year, the flower carpet park has a unique elephant slide decked out with flowers. Let's slide into the happiness and gaiety of childhood and retrieve our most naive smiles!

    Happy Circus

    The happy circus is getting ready for the show. Talented little animals will give it their best efforts to perform stunts. The squirrel rides a monocycle, the raccoon does plate-spinning, and a small hedgehog plays hula hoop. When the mechanical flower showtime begins, the cute little squirrel will surprise you with a wonderful circus performance!


    Do you still make a V sign for photos? You should come to the playground to have more fun! Here you can take photos while helping rabbits pull out the radish, fighting kangaroo boxers, playing seesaw with elephants, and finally having a dance with rabbits. Fun of role playing will amaze you here. This area offers spots for visitors to take photos, so invite your friends and spend a memorable time with them!

    Magic Flying Carpet

    Imagination is the most powerful magic and it is also your superpower! In this area, a flower carpet becomes a flying carpet, guiding you through challenges and to a magic kingdom. Let your imagination flow, have fun pursuing dreams together, and soar in the sky. Don't miss the great opportunity to take photos with the magic flower carpet!

    Travel Fun

    As the wind blows, let's dream our dreams together! Nature becomes our canvas on which to sprinkle our dreams, all the way to the horizon. On the hillside of the park, the Happy Journey at the helm of Leopard Cat Xiaofu is taking off. Come with us for a trip filled with memories and dreams, flying together toward a better and brighter future!

    Rain Garden

    A rich canvas, woven by colorful flowers integrates natural aquatic plants and ponds featuring water storage, flood retention, greenways as well as natural ecological landscapes. It allows you to wander among flowers, and it will be a leisure trip for you.

    Themed Flower Carpets

    Hide and Seek with Xiaofu

    Do you know who is stretching his head out of the flowers and leaving a big cute footprint on the ground? Adorable Leopard Cat Xiaofu loves to play hide and seek with us. You can find traces of Xiaofu on the hillsides and flower carpets. Look around and guess where else he is hiding at?

    Greetings From OhBear

    Greetings from Taiwan's most popular tourist spokesperson: director OhBear joins us in this year's flower carpet festival. As a tourist ambassador, OhBear dresses up in flora for the first time, promoting the awe-inspiring beauty of Taichung with his adorable appearance. Support Taichung along with OhBear and we look forward to seeing you again at the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition!