Exploring the 6Rs

6RExploring the 6Rs


"Exploring the 6Rs" is based on the life cycle of trash in Taichung City, explaining the city's efforts to promote the 6R policies of recycling, landfill restoration projects (including Huatien Green Park, Houli), and future aspirations. The exhibition explains how the city promotes recycling, as part of Taichung's gradual development into a green and livable city. "Exploring the 6Rs" displays the city's efforts to promote the following: waste Reduction, Reuse and Repair of items, Refusal to use unnecessary items, Recycling and Recovery of trash. Through live furniture repairs, art pieces made of recycled materials, and art installations made from trash, the exhibition hopes to raise awareness about the value of our resources, to achieve the goal of a resource cycle and zero-waste.

Flowers of Taichung · Agricultural Gifts


The Agriculture Bureau established the "Taichung City Agricultural Products Marketing Area" at the 2017 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival, while promoting the "2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition". The bureau set up 100-130 stalls displaying high-quality and safe fruits and vegetables, flowers, and processed agricultural products grown or manufactured in Taichung. Visitors can view, eat, and interact with these products, and get a first-hand experience of the beauty of Taichung's agriculture.


Lollipop Garden


The Lollipop Garden incorporates a sea of perennial flowers, cute lollipop flower sculptures, and leopard cat topiaries as the highlights of the show. Visitors can enjoy the happy feeling of being surrounded by beautiful flowers in the lollipop sea of flowers while walking through the circular pebble pathway.


View of Taichung - Clean, Competent and Transparent


The exhibition aims to create a "Happy Home - Livable City" together with the people, with "View of Taichung - Clean, Competent and Transparent" as the marketing theme. The exhibition area is decorated with sunflowers symbolizing 'sunshine and transparency' to represent the city government's image of honesty, competence and transparency. The department's mascot "Sunny Baby - Windy" will be there throughout the event to bring smiles and laughter to the public, adding vibrancy and hope to the Clean and Competent City.


Food Republic


In collaboration with the Taichung World Flora Exposition, the theme of this exhibition area is 'Food Republic', incorporating the images of flowers and beauty in selected souvenirs and specialty Taiwanese street foods, providing treats that are both tasty and visually pleasing, so that visitors can eat while enjoying the rich, vibrant, and diverse food culture of Taichung.


Street artist show


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