The Leopard Cat Family Garden

Five interactive installations

Five interactive installations:
Come! Follow the rhythm! Create the grooviest rhythm! Percussion instruments made of flowers and plants lead you to a glorious sanctuary where music and flowers mix!
It's not enough just to take pictures, check in, and do impersonations - free styling is the way to go!
So call your friends and family, use your imagination, and sing and dance to the music. Create a rhythm with the park's insect and animal friends, and feel the joy and excitement of the flower percussion instruments!

The Leopard Cat Family Garden

The 2017 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival uses many beautiful local flowers to dress the Leopard Cat Family into cosmos fairies who stand at the entrance to await your arrival. Come join them and take a photo together!


The Leopard Cat Family Band

The Leopard Cat Family is so talented, Dad(Leo) plays the bugle, Life plays the flute, while Mom(Leona) and Love play the accordion together, and Old Horsiver plays the saxophone. Both the harp and cello are ready, let's play some soothing music!


World of Flower Drums

The 'World of Flower Drums" is made of four unique flower installations with flower stamens as drums. Each flower drum is unique, some two-dimensional, others three-dimensional. Different drum heights are also set for different groups. We look forward to having you join this garden party. Let's tap out rhythms that belong to you and me!


The swing of the tamb

Follow the beat! Create the most groovy rhythm in the expo! Experience the giant tambourine combining flowers and interactive installations. Tap the tambourine to make a sound, and move to the rhythm!


Transform into caterpillars playing the triangle

Everyone has turned into caterpillars! Two adorable caterpillar flower sculptures sit in the center of the colorful flower carpet, playing the triangle. If you come up close, you can transform into a caterpillar for your friends and family to take photos and check in on social media!