Flower carpet with note

Top 10 Creative Exhibits

A symphony led by the popular "Leopard Cat Family", insect and animal friends attracted by the vitality of flowers play wonderful music with instruments made with local flowers of Taichung. Close your eyes, open your ears, and listen with your heart to hear the melody that comes from the earth. We trust that you will hear nature's true 'Voice of Flowers'!

Flower carpet with musical notes

At the 2017 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival, the Flora Expo mascots - the Leopard Cat Family, will welcome you at the entrance, and invite their insect and animal friends that live in harmony with flowers to join in the fun, performing 'Voice of the Flowers' with instruments made from flowers native to Taichung.


Warm welcome by lilies

Lilies, which grow in abundance in Taichung, have been chosen to decorate the visitor's entrance at the Flower Carpet Festival. On both sides of the 25m long lily-decorated entranceway, bamboo walls with streamlined designs are adorned with large musical notes as well as insects and animals led by Papa Leopard Cat, guiding visitors into the grand music garden party built around flowers, music, and nature.


Froggy Singers

Croak... croak... croak... We are the Froggy Singers. I am Top Hat, the lead singer, and I will be performing the song 'Voice of Flowers'. Please listen carefully to the sound of petals unfurling as water lilies bloom on ponds. Take care of flowers, and quieten down to listen to the music that Flower, Nifty and I will perform for you.


Honeybee accordionist brothers

Two hardworking honeybees happily play a cheerful tune on an accordion larger than their own bodies, transforming rainbows into playful accordion music to draw visitors from far and wide into this joyous atmosphere.


The grasshopper pianist

With super strong back legs, grasshoppers is the natural world's greatest jumper. They gather their strength and jump, creating a strong rhythm on the keyboard. Their energy transforms the black and white keys into a colorful floral keyboard. Can you feel their passionate performance?


Spider's eight-hands duet

The graceful Lady Spider and her spider babies spin their webs into strings, creating elegant melodies that transform the music. Playing the eight-part polyphony that only she can play, she celebrates the blessings of "blooming cherry blossoms".


The snail bugle

The snail plays the steady bassline on the bugle. The deep, smooth, and soothing tune of the bugle plays like a lover's whisper.

The dragonfly guitarist

The dragonfly is the best airborne musician. With his long pair of wings, he demonstrates his unique ability to hover mid-flight, carrying his guitar and happily strumming away.


Lady bug with maracas

In sync with the cheerful tune, the adorable lady bug shakes the maracas to create all kinds of different sounds. Come sway to the unique rhythm!


Water lily gazebo

Among the elegant water lilies and green lily pads, visitors of this music garden party are like little frogs under lily pads, gathered to see the main flower carpet - "Blooming Cherry Blossoms", and to listen to the "Voice of Flowers".