Blooming Cherry Blossoms

Highlights from 3 major themes

Highlights from 3 major themes:
Main flower carpet - Blooming Cherry Blossoms x Leopard Cat Family Ode to Joy (Life Happy Tunes, Omi Horse Ode to Joy) x nature's colorful canvas (melodious saxophone music)
To let visitors learn more about the beautiful garden city of Taichung, local culture and natural sceneries have been incorporated into the flower installations in the art. The main flower carpet, which is designed based on Taichung's city flower 'Taiwanese cherry blossoms', is displayed alongside dynamic mechanical lilies and cosmos to create a wonderful image of flower symbiosis.
Houli, one of the exhibition areas of the 2018 Flora Exposition, is known as the 'World's Saxophone Homeland'. This year's Flower Carpet Festival uses the ground as a canvas, arranging colorful local flowers to form the image of a saxophone to emphasize Houli's reputation as the hometown of musical instruments.
The leopard cat, an endangered species found in Houli, has been chosen as the mascot for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition. The cute and mischievous Life the Leopard Cat and Omi Horse, with his saxophone, play the "Leopard Cat Family Ode to Joy" on the hill, so that people can enjoy the feeling of being enveloped by music.

Blooming Cherry Blossoms

"Blooming Cherry Blossoms" is inspired by the city flower of Taichung City, Taiwanese cherry blossoms, and the idea of a 'music box'. With a diameter reaching 43 meters, it is created using over 10,000 local flowers to represent overlapping petals, their silhouettes outlining the vitality of 'green, ecology, symbiosis'. This is Taiwan's first large-scale dynamic flower installation over 6.2 meters in height.
The petals open and close as the music plays, while on the outer edge, five flowers representing Taichung - lilies, cosmos, and Taiwanese cherry blossoms - will also dance to the tune in a beautiful visual display of floral symbiosis.
As the flowers blossom, butterflies rise from within the flower buds, and flutter their wings in the breeze, symbolizing the idea that 'with blooming flowers come butterflies', and leading visitors to experience the humanistic core values of 'Voice of Flowers' and the '2018 World Flora Exposition'.


Life Happy Tunes

Making good use of the hillsides of Huatien Green Park, a 35 meters-long, 12 meters-high flower carpet was created, featuring Life, the cheerful and adorable member of the Leopard Cat Family. See how Life is lying with his eyes closed on the hill, listening to the wonderful music created in harmony with flowers and the insect and animal installations. You can see Life just by looking in the direction of the hills.

Horsiver Ode to Joy

The Leopard Cat Family's neighbor, Old Horsiver, plays the saxophone well. His music always has a tinge of longing and nostalgia. But on the flower carpet, Omi Horse is smiling and playing cheerful music, welcoming everyone to Houli Besides the 2017 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival, don't forget to come see him at the "Houli House Ranch and Forest Park Area" station at the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition.


Melodious saxophone music

Melodious music by Saxophone
Houli is known as the 'World's Saxophone Hometown' A flower carpet inspired by the shiny saxophone. Stroll through, as if walking on wonderful notes on a music sheet.The moving melody is transformed into smooth patterns on the flower carpet, welcoming you to the 2017 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival.