Visiting instructions

Visiting instructions

Service and Facilities Guide

1.Breastfeeding room: Located at service counter No.

2.Please ask the staff for assistance. 2.Wheelchair/stroller rental: Located at service counter No. 1.Please ask the staff for assistance.

3.Visitor route: The park is an open space. We suggest you follow the route from the entrance, and move counter clockwise.

4.Free shuttle bus:
To ensure that the shuttle route is smooth as possible, we would like to remind passengers that boarding and drop-off points are at different locations.
*Entrance: After getting off the bus, please follow the signs and enter the exhibit area from the entrance. Please do not climb the hills surrounding this premise.
*Exit: Please follow the signs towards the Incineration Plant, and head down the passageway in the exhibition area to find the shuttle bus boarding area.

5.Barrier-free route: Please follow the signs on the map (red line) for the barrier-free route.


1.Besides using the motorbike parking area on Fangliao Road, and the bicycle area within the exhibition area, other visitors should take the shuttle bus to enter the exhibition area. For more information, please refer to the transportation page on the event website.

2.The exhibition area is part of a park; smoking is strictly prohibited on site.

3.There are many mobile or interactive facilities within the exhibition area. Please be careful when interacting with them.

4.For the safety of our visitors, please do not fly drones in the Flower Carpet Festival exhibition area without applying for permission.

5.For your safety, please do not climb hills within and surrounding the exhibition area.

6.Flower Carpet Festival On-Site Service Line:(04)2558-7442(106/12/23~107/01/07 8:30~16:30)